Call For Papers: Wearable Robotics for Motion Assistance and Rehabilitation

July 3, 2014

Download the Call for Papers for this issue (PDF).

This special issue is dedicated to Wearable Robotics for Motion Assistance and Rehabilitation.  The population aged 60 and over is expected to rise considerably in the coming years. The rise in life expectancy combined with falling birth rates will accelerate the ageing of this population. Facing this problem or reducing its effect would have a great societal impact by improving the quality of life and regaining people independence to make them active in society, and live active, fulfilling and independent lives. On the other hand, robotic applications have rapidly expanded from classical industrial applications with repetitive tasks to applications with close human-robot interaction. Particularly, assistive robotics has gained an increasing attention in the last decades. Indeed, adaptation of healthcare services to the needs of this dependent population will have a great impact on the development of assisting robotic devices. In addition, technological advances and the emergence of novel adapted technologies such as wearable technologies with considerable reduction in size, cost and energy consumption are becoming a privileged solution to provide assistive services to humans. This challenging technology is expected to work closely, interact and collaborate with people in an intelligent environment. While initially conceived for human motion augmentation purposes, wearable powered robots have been gradually proposed as a technological aid for motion rehabilitation and assistance, and functional substitution in patients suffering from motor disorders.

The objective of this special issue is to address and disseminate state-of-the-art research and development in Wearable Robotics for Motion Assistance and Rehabilitation. The accepted papers will provide discussions about the state of the art, challenges and limiting factors for developing sustainable wearable robots for assistance and rehabilitation of human movements. We seek original papers with novel research contributions in all theoretical and technological advances of relevance and impact in Wearable Robotics for Motion Assistance and Rehabilitation.

Guest Editors:  Dr. Nicola Vitiello, Dr. Samer Mohammed and Dr. Juan C. Moreno

Deadlines: Papers due December 31, 2014

Target Publication date: September 2015

Download the Call for Papers for this issue (PDF).


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