Editor in Chief

Paul Sajda

It is with sincere pleasure that I assume the role of Editor-in-Chief (EiC) for IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (IEEE-TNSRE). I would like to begin my tenure by first recognizing and thanking our outgoing EiC, Professor Nitish Thakor. Nitish has done a remarkable job increasing the academic quality and impact of IEEE-TNSRE. This is particularly important as neural/neuro engineering has seen substantial growth over the last decade, with entire academic departments being created around it as a standalone discipline. IEEE-TNSRE also continues to be a premier journal for rehabilitation engineering and it is clear the tighter merging with neural engineering has been a highly successful strategy for the journal–a strategy for which Nitish deserves a majority of the credit. I would also like to thank the outgoing Managing Editor, Dr. Anil Maybhate who has done an outstanding job managing and coordinating the content and production of the journal. Both Anil and Nitish have been extremely helpful and gracious in the transition period leading up to my term as EiC and I am grateful for their help and encouragement. Dr. Jason Sherwin also will assume the role of Managing Editor.

As we move forward, I will be asking for your input with respect to ways in which we can make changes and refinements to our journal, with the focus being to continue the upward trend on academic quality and impact. You will likely be receiving an email survey from me in the near future that asks for your input on issues ranging from open-access to special research topics of interest. I ask in advance for your time in responding to the survey.

Looking forward, I believe neural engineering and rehabilitation engineering will continue to see strong growth on a number of fronts, from clinical applications to basic and applied science. IEEE-TNSRE, as the premiere journal of the IEEE covering these areas, is well-positioned to publish the most outstanding basic and applied research, providing the avenue by which authors can be assured their work will receive the attention needed for maximum impact. I thank you for your continued support and readership and look forward to your manuscript submissions.

Best Regards

Paul Sajda


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