Information For Authors

Manuscripts can only be submitted electronically through IEEE Manuscript Central.

Beginning January 1, 2018, biosketches and author pictures will no longer be published as part of EMBS Journal articles.

You should read the Review Process page to get an idea of the steps in the review process. Please note that the time frame in the Review Process document are goals. Actual review times and other statistics can be found on the statistics page.

Manuscripts should be submitted according the Submission Guidelines.

For authors wishing to submit multimedia materials for review, please visit the IEEE Author Center.

Instructions on the length of your manuscript can be found in the Page length policy.

You can find additional information, templates, etc on the IEEE Transactions publication page. Please note that manuscripts for review should be double spaced, single column with the figures at the end of the manuscript.

Common questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.

For some background on copyright and author responsibility, we recommend the following paper:

Copyrights and author responsibilities
Stone, H.S.
Computer, Vol.25, Iss. 12, Dec 1992
Pages: 46-51

Download this paper from IEEE Xplore


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